Infidelity Surveillance

Infidelity Surveillance or any Undercover Investigation in Los Angeles is very difficult.  The high rise buildings, alleys, freeways, and a million other obstacles make this area very difficult for Private Investigators.  The only way to maximize the results is to hire professionals that will get you the video evidence that you are looking for without being detected.  There are a lot of websites where you can see the top ten or so signs of Infidelity however most of the time you have a feeling something just isn’t right.  Most of the time in our experience your feeling is correct.  You might not always discover true infidelity however your Spouse is certainly doing things they shouldn’t be doing and are hiding from you.

When you hire us to help you will get the following:

  • One point of contact who is non-judgmental and understands the situation.
  • A direct phone number and email to the Investigator who is handling your case.
  • The ability to see the video evidence directly from your computer.
  • Detailed reporting of when and where your spouse goes and with whom.