Child Custody

Child Custody disputes are very common in Los Angeles and are handled differently than any other area of California.  You will find Attorneys who always or never employ the services of a Private Investigator in these matters.  We always like to work closely with your counsel, however if you do not have an Attorney or your Attorney is indifferent in regards to the use of evidence obtained by our Private Investigators we can put together a solid and safe plan of action for you and your interest. We can provide protective surveillance in matters where our clients are worried about parental abduction or a parent leaving the area with your child with out permission.  As well as documenting activities of an unfit parent and identify the criminal history of the parent or the people the hang out with.

Just some of the services we can help with:

  • Surveillance during visitations.
  • Surveillance during times a parent might misbehave.
  • Background Checks on anyone involved.
  • Location work places and documenting income.