Asset Searches

If you are preparing for a divorce or have already gone through one we can help with an Asset Search to determine the accuracy of someones income and net-worth.  Additionally if you have a judgment against someone or would like to determine if there is value in pursuing a law suite.  We can help find the below information in California, Nationwide, and Overseas if need be:

  • Bank Accounts; including Savings and Loan, Savings, Checking, Money Market, and Safe Deposit Accounts.
  • Brokerage Accounts; including Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, and Securities Accounts.
  • Current Income; from Employer, insurance settlements, lottery winnings, rental property etc.
  • Business Ownership; LLC’s Associations, DBA’s, and Incorporation’s.
  • Real Estate Ownership; including land, residence, rentals, mobile homes, trailers, and undeveloped land.
  • UCC Filings, Liens, and Judgments.
  • Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft, Motorcycles, RV Trailers, and Commercial Vehicles.